Have psych at end of 3rd year and a break. How would you study for Step 2 CK?

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Jul 1, 2008
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For Step 1 I used UW Qbank, FA, Goljan RR Path and a few misc books from MS1/2 year to reference subjects. Got 220's on Step 1 after studying 4-5 wks maybe 6-8hrs a day.

Step 2 is coming up. I have psychiatry at the end of 3rd year, which I consider a blessing since it's not supposed to be the hardest rotation ever. IE: more potential step 2 study time.

My 4th year schedule isn't set, but I either have MS3 psych followed by 4-6 weeks off and then 4th year classes, or MS3 psych followed by my first 4th year rotation and then 4 weeks off. Either way, some decent Step 2 study time.

I heard good things about UWorld and USMLErx, and while I feel like my experience for step 1 with UWorld was good I could have possibly done 10-15 points better. Does anyone have recommendations for CK study? I have the FA book already partially studied from MS3 rotations. What should I add to this?

Sep 6, 2009
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I was in the same boat as you - psych last. Scored decently, but not off the charts.

We started 4th year RIGHT after end of 3rd. Maybe a week off. I don't remember. But in any case, I took a VERY light rotation first block of 4th year. These vary school to school - ask your fourth years before they disappear.

Procured 4 weeks (24days) of study time (4-6 hrs a day; you could do MUCH less if you had straight break time; ie 10 days with 12 hr days)+ psych for the test. Used FA for Step II CK, Step UP to Medicine for supplement, and Secrets for books. UW for questions. Finished everything 1x. Secrets 1.5x. I've heard if you just stick to FA and Secrets for texts, memorize them then you do better. And Always UW QBank.

Much less work than studying for StepI, but still nothing to blow off.
Take it early though. It will give you an advantage to already have that score in when interviewing.

Oh during psych I read FA for psych and did the UW Psych questions. Did the UW questions toward the end of the rotation as teh psych portion of my Step 2 Study.


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Mar 29, 2010
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I am in the same sitution that you are. I finish 3rd year on Psych and then have 2 weeks off before the start of 4th year. I ended up scheduling an easy online class for the first two weeks of it. So I am hoping I can just sit down for 4 weeks + Psych time and beat it senseless. I was planning on using Step up to medicine and USMLE World, however, it seems like everyone has different opinions as to what works best. :D