Sep 4, 2015
So I am pre-med student taking the MCAT pretty soon and plan on starting my personal statement for my application so I can apply next cycle. I am also hearing impaired in both ears but you would not know at first glance (sometimes my friends forget I wear them). I was curious as to if putting this in my personal statement would hinder my chances of getting an interview and hopefully into a school.


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Mar 7, 2005
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You could also save this for the diversity essay, overcoming adversity essay, coping skills essay or whatever the secondaries throw at you if it doesn't really get to the "why medicine" question.
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Aug 22, 2011
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Just make sure you can answer BOTH how it makes you stronger/more compassionate/more insightful etc, and also how you know it won't negatively affect your performance. You don't need to outright say it, but make sure they don't have concerns about your ability to fulfill the standards based upon the disability. I am sure this isn't a problem for you (or you wouldn't be pursuing medicine), but maybe think about listening to complex lung sounds and communication with others in emergency rooms when thinking about what concerns they could have. I have a treatable but chronic disease and. I feel it really helped my application that I could show the insight it gave me and also the ways I had made sure it was no longer a challenge in my life. That is why you show that your diverse experiences have helped you to grow more adaptable/learn to cope/helped you find tools that eliminate the challenge etc.