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Sep 15, 2012
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I suggest these OOS schools with your stats:
New York Medical College
Oakland Beaumont
Western Michigan
Rosalind Franklin
Medical College Wisconsin
West Virginia
You are competitive for most DO schools so apply to at least 10 and you should receive interviews.


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May 29, 2017
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Hey everybody,
I am a non-traditional applicant who is applying late this cycle. My application was submitted one week ago, and I understand that I will be at a disadvantage. What I am asking is which school should I apply to that are either good fits for me or that have lenient attitude when it comes to late applicants.

I dropped out of school 2-3 times in my late teens and early to mid twenties which my cumulative GPA reflects. From withdrawal to simply receiving F's because I could not be bothered to show up for tests made my journey towards medicine an uphill battle from its onset. One reason for this was I was financially very stable due to an unorthodox career that I do not mention in my application. during this period I was also a research assistant in a mitochondrial physiology lab for 1.5 years with no publications, but I did get to do some cool heart extraction and reperfusion protocols that are interesting. I finally took a much needed break from pre-med life and worked some odd jobs and did some deep thinking and got my life under control and developed the habits that I hoped would help me in my dream of becoming a doctor. After 2 years off from any classes I came back to do a DIY post-bac at Portland State University over 64 quarter credit hours with a 3.88 avg. I have one B+ in neurophysiology and a B in Advanced Ethics: Global Health Policy a seminar philosophy course. I will graduate this year with a double major philosophy/molecular biology.

IA: Academic Probation during my first year of university, leading to my first withdrawal in 2006
Criminal History:
2005 MIP for alcohol on my college campus, was diverted and cleared from my record, but I mentioned it to be safe.
2006 DUI, was diverted and wiped from my record with completed diversion. I mentioned this on my primary for various reasons, but I believe transparency is best and this was a fact of who I was.
Aside from these two incidents over ten years ago my criminal record is clean.

Science 3.19 Cum 3.2
3.89 of last 64 credits

score was 516:128/128/128/132, which feels unbalanced to me because I usually scored much higher on my c/p and bio but I will take it.

Research Experience:
500 hours
-developed protocols
-anylyzed tissues
-presented data for discussion at lab meetings
-no pubs or posters

30 hours working with homeless/impoverished individuals at a dental/medical outreach fair along with some time on a dental teams international van assisting the doctor with homeless youth.
250 hours in OHSU's trauma recovery unit- ongoing

30 hours observing an oral surgeon perform surgery and follow on pre and post surgical rounds
30 hours observing a DO administer primary care

3 science faculty 1 volunteer coordinator. All from people who knew me and liked me, but not expecting anything to knock anyone out of the park, except maybe my supervisor at OHSU because I really give that posting my all.

I am 30, white male who is married with a beautiful 1 year old girl. Right now I have only applied to OHSU and plan on pre-writing my secondaries so I can send those in as soon as they are requested. I would love suggestions of schools where I should apply, I plan to apply very broadly as money is not enough of a concern to dissuade that. At the moment I am shooting for around 25 schools, realistically I would rather go to OHSU than Harvard or Stanford. This is due to logistical reasons and just loving Oregon, if anyone has any insight into how they treat late applicants I would really appreciate it. Also if you really think I have no chance rather than just a reduced one that kind of realistic advice is welcome as well. I am okay with applying DO but I would prefer MD. Thank you so much for your time, and good luck to everyone else slugging through this process.


I dont think your past will hurt you much; the legal issues were over a decade ago, and your 3.89 in 64 credits is likely enough for a lot of adcoms to take a chance on you, especially considering your MCAT.

What may be at issue however is the timing in the cycle. It's starting to get late to apply for MD.. People do in september all the time and still get in but it's not ideal and applying earlier in the cycle would do a lot for you I think. Have you considered just applying early next cycle?

In terms of schools, I'd do:
All of your IS schools.
Wayne State (they technically have a policy where they only view your post bacc GPA, if it is more than 20 credits)
Western U Oregon (A DO school)
U Arizona

It's not too late for DO schools, their cycle is longer. But again, you are pushing it with MD at this point.

Good luck OP.
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Jun 5, 2015
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As a quick addition, I do live in Oregon and I have 80 hours working as a paid ED scribe for only 80 hours because I to leave early due to personal issues. Do you think I have a decent shot at any of these schools or are you instead just giving me 25 schools to apply to? I appreciate the time you took I just wouldn't think columbia is anything but a reach for me even early in a cycle. Like I said negative input is just as welcome as positive. Thanks again. -

Add your state schools. Goro listed schools that have a record of rewarding reinvention (which is what you've done). Instead of considering yourself as a 3.2/3.2 applicant, these schools are more likely to weigh your recent grade tend and excellent MCAT heavier. So while it may look like their stats are much higher, you actually have a pretty good shot. The IAs were a long time ago and shouldn't be a problem.

Do you have any clinical experience other than the scribing?
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