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May 24, 2014
I need some help. I'm a pre-med student and my boyfriend is pre-pharm and a rising senior. He is kind of just winging the process and hasn't done all that much research into what it takes to apply/ get into pharmacy school. Being pre-med, my application process is totally different so I have no advice for him. So I was hoping to get some questions answered to help him out. He has a 3.3 GPA and a 427 PCAT (92nd percentile). His EC's aren't bad but could be stronger. He'll almost definitely get into the pharmacy school that is affiliated with our undergraduate, but he is interested in going somewhere else as well. He is applying this cycle.
So his questions are this:
1) He hasn't submitted his PharmCas app yet. He's currently in the process of working on it. Is he kind of late? Should he get it done ASAP, or does he have a little time?
2) How many schools should someone with his stats typically apply to?
3) What are some examples of schools he might be competitive for?
4) How much work are the "supplemental applications" for each school? Do these generally require additional essays and things like that?
5) Will he get a supplemental application from every school he applies to, or is there a "screening" process?
6) When is a safe date to have his supplemental applications submitted by to give him a a good shot at admission?
7) So his freshman year, he was charged with possession of paraphernalia, but it was expunged. Is this going to come up on applications? Is it likely to affect his chances?

I think that's all the questions we have for now. Thank you so, so much!!!


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Jul 18, 2014
1) No. He has a bit of time. Most public schools won't even start to look at apps until Sept (ED) or Oct, some even Dec or Jan.
2) I wouldn't apply to more than 6 with those stats. 4 or 5 is already plenty.
3) Hard to determine without ECs, but just based of numbers he is good for any top 10 school.
4) Barely to none for most schools.
5) Only one of the 9 I applied to had a screening process
6) Depends on school, but supplemental shouldn't take long.
7) Is it on his permanent record? If not, no. If yes, he will have to explain. Possibly, but I don't know how much.
May 26, 2015
I find it extremely weird that you have to do his work for him.

Is it so much trouble to make an account and ask for himself?

Is he the type of person that needs information spoon fed? Its not hard to look up due dates for schools on the internet lol.

That said, could you tell us which state he is from? If he cares about tuition? Some states offer priority to in state students so its helpful to know what state the candidate is from.

Some schools have rolling admission so its better if you apply early. His stats are competitive depending on what his ECs are. You described it very vaguely. Does he have any pharmacy experience at all?

GPA of 3.2 and 92% PCAT is competitive for most schools, except for the top schools. The GPA is kinda low but it will depend on what his science GPA and prepharmacy GPA is. MOST schools will put extra emphasis on those, depending on the school.

Easy way to check if you are competitive is to simply look at school statistics which is available online. Add 0.1 GPA for 10% of PCAT is a general rule. So he would be competitive for 3.4 GPA and 70% PCAT which is pretty much all schools.

If the record was expunged, he doesn't have to state it in his app as there is no way for the admission offices to know. If found out, expulsion I am guessing, Not a great career choice for drug users.
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