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Sep 24, 2014
Medical Student (Accepted)
Long story short: Allopathic med student at mid-tier school. Got ck back and was much lower than expected.
Step 1: 248
Step 2 ck: 235

Had an interrupted study schedule but was doing decent on UWORLD (70-80%). Applying this year for IM and already have interviews at some decent programs. Applied 38 total, 15 "reaches". Now wondering what to do next. Meeting with advisor later this week. Hoping for some insight.

How would this affect getting interviews and ranking? Apply to more programs? Release the score now or later? Do programs know when score came out and dock points if not released?

Background info: some research, posters no pubs, some ECs, a good deal of volunteering, 1 P, rest HP/H, no AOA, letters should be very good
Sep 22, 2014
Please let me know what your advisor says. I scored 237 on Step 1 and 227 on Step 2. Also IM bound and average student at mid tier program.