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Apr 2, 2006
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Hey guys,
I need some advice. I have my heart set on one of the D.O. programs. I have always admired there holistic approach to medicine. The problem is that my UG gpa is 2.8 cum and 2.75 science. I have however entered a masters program in BIO at Western Michigan University and I am currently at a 3.78. I have also worked as an ER tech for a year, volunteered at big brothers and big sister for 2 years, I have been doing research and will hopefully have publishable work this summer, I TA anatomy, and I am a member of the APS and have published abstracts at a few conferences. I am getting ready to take the MCAT this summer and hope to score well. As a MI resident I would really like to go to MSUCOM but I really just want to be a doctor. DO I STAND A CHANCE?


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Oct 30, 2005
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You did the right thing by going to a masters program since your undergrad GPA is below competitive. Sounds like you got some good EC's. Score near the high twenties and I think you got a shot at some interviews.
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