Apr 9, 2010
So I double-posted this because I initially posted this in the wrong section, sorry! I'm a newbie:)

So I'm applying to college next school and I'm torn between which college I should go to.

College A:
-I know I can get in. 15th best public uni in the country (VTech).
-Good Biology program.
-I'm certain I can maintain at least a 3.8-3.9 at this university.
-I will be able to graduate in 2-2.5 years, which is a major goal of mine.
-The Campus is nice (very beautiful) and it has the best food in the nation.
- Not my dream school
- Not as prestigious as B
- Doesn't have the specific major that I'm exactly "crazy about
- Doesn't have the student activities that I want to take part in

College B
- It is my dream school
- Easy transportation to Northern VA
- Most friends are going there (or aspire to)
- UVA, one of the best universities in the nation
- Has Neuroscience major which I'm extremely attracted to
- Has immense amount of professor-student research options
- Has a dedicated student body
- Offers a challenging environment that will better prepare me for MCATS
- Will look better on a Med school application
- It'll be harder for me to get in (I don't want to jinx it)
- It's extremely challenging and I don't know if I can even attain a 3.8
- The neuroscience major is really competitive (application process)
- I will have to go through 3 years of college

Help me out?

I don't want to miserable academics-wise in college.

Any advice is greatly appreciated:)


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Aug 7, 2007
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Go to the best school you can. Best in terms of research/shadowing opportunities, academic rigor (this, more than name, is what matters to med. school AdComs), location, etc.


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May I ask why you're so set on graduating in 2 or 3 years? I would have stayed in college for 6 years if I could have...

As a warning, med schools aren't really impressed by someone who graduates in 2 years and applies (if that's the reason why you'd want to do it). It can indicate that you weren't interested in having a broad, well-rounded education, plus you wouldn't have enough time to build up the same kind of resume and LOR-writer-worthy-relationships as the kids who spent the full four years there. I mean, obviously if you have a legitimate reason that's one thing, but be aware of that. Also, applying to med school when you're really young is actually viewed as a negative thing for the most part because it's such a grown-up profession. Just be aware!
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Jan 22, 2009
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May I ask why you're so set on graduating in 2 or 3 years? I would have stayed in college for 6 years if I could have...
So true. If it's not a budget issue, have a college life for four years. It's really not bad and gives you time to find yourself and experiment a little. When you go into medical school, you will be professional almost all the time. Some med students can't even put inappropriate stuff on their facebook or they will get in trouble. Plus, med schools will test you even more on your maturity if you graduate too early. Really 1.5-2 years isn't that bad, but you still gotta step it up a notch.


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Sep 13, 2009
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How do you know what GPA you'll be able to maintain? College is a completely different beast than high school and I know more than a few people who did quite well in high school that flamed out in college.

That being said, apply to both. If you don't get into your dream school, you can always go to your backup. The big thing is you don't want to look back 10-20 years from now and go "I wish I woulda gone to school X"