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Feb 19, 2002
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I need to know what kind of research peopel are doing? And whats a cinical experience??? plz let me know what i need to do as a pre-med that will help me get into med-school.


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Dec 19, 2001
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You can do reserach in pretty much anything. Most people do reserach withing their major. So if you are a bio major you would talk to different biology professors at you school and see what type of research they are doing. There are different ways to get information on this, at my school the biology advising office is very helpful. Or you can speak to professors that you have class with. After you decide that you are interested in someone's research, you contact them and talk to them about the possibility of doing undergraduate reserach in their lab.

Clinical Experience includes a lot of things, but usually involves working with people in the health care field. For instance, you can volunteer at a hospital, become an EMT, become a phlebotomist, work in a nursing home even. Those are just some examples, but there are many more!!

Well I hope that helps.


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Feb 4, 2002
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If your school has a medical school attached to it, find a lab position with one of the medical school faculty. You would get experience and potentially a great letter of recommendation from an insider at a medical school. I had a friend who got a letter of recommendation from the dean of admission at the medical school tied to my undergraduate. Guess what, he's there now.