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Dec 26, 2004
Hey guys,

I know i've asked this before, but i really need some more insights and opinions from those of you who had applied pretty late (like early november) and still get into dental schools. Currently, I have an overall gpa of 3.6 and science gpa of 3.3. My overall and science is a 20 but i got a 15 on my pat...but i did other activities (i.e. taking sowing class and the ucla perceptual classes) to kinda try making up for it. so i wrote that in my app. can you guys tell me if you know neone that had applied and gotten in...which schools and what were their stats? i guess i have a good amoutn of ec's..i'm not sure if i should start preparing on what i should be doing the following year if i don't get in. I'm from utah, so i don't know if i'll have a chance in some of the ca schools and etc... i would love to attend penn or pittsburg, but don't know if i have any chance
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