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  1. Hi,
    I was just wondering...I recently applied to dental schools in the US, and so far, have
    been rejected from one, and waiting to hear from the other 15. Anyway, in the meantime,
    I was planning on applying to med schools overseas, and a friend said to look in SGU. My gpa is only a 3.02, and I took the I have to take the MCAT? I sent out for SGU info, but still waiting for it. What are the avg stats of students getting in there...basically I'm wondering if I have a chance...I live in NY, if anyone has any advice, please let me know...thanx.

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    Hi there. SGU's entering classes have avg GPA's of 3.4 and 26 MCAT. Yes, you will have to take the MCAT to be considered. Why don't you give the school's home office a call and speak with the admissions counselor? They are located in Bayshore, NY.

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