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Apr 20, 2012
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Hope everyone is doing well. I just had a few questions in regards to my specific status in applying to dental school this coming cycle. If anyone that knows a little more about this can respond, I'd greatly appreciate it. I'm at Rutgers University - New Brunswick and looking to apply to dental schools this coming cycle (prefer UMDNJ). I'm a Sophomore but planning to graduate a year early and currently taking Organic Chemistry 1 during this Spring Semester and Organic Chemistry 2 during the second summer session (I finished everything else). I originally took Orgo 1, but withdrew with a W because of personal circumstances and now am having family issues this semester as well so I will most likely receive a C or C+ in Organic Chemistry 1. My DAT is scheduled for July 3rd, but I'm going to submit my application on June 4th, which is the first day and have my score automatically sent. My cumulative gpa would be a 3.7 and my science gpa will be a 3.6, including this semester's grades and the C in Orgo assuming I get the worst. I have shadowed a dentist for quite some time now, am doing a summer dental program at UMDNJ this summer, have conducted research for over a year, work at a hospital, have played many different leadership roles, and volunteer as well. I'm wondering how my chances look and will play out. Thank you again!!!


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Dec 11, 2007
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work very hard to get the best grades possible. With being a young applicant, i would really try to avoid landing any C's/ red flags before applying. I would also shadow some other dentists/specialties so you can have a broader understanding of the field outside of one or two offices.


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Oct 14, 2011
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What's the program that you are going to be doing at UMDNJ this summer? If it is Gateway, you have a great chance of getting into NJDS.

Overall, rushing through your academic requirements and DAT is an easy way to perform under par. If I were you, I would wait one more year. It's better to be a strong applicant than to be a young one.
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