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    so i decided I'm going to start at community college for the first two years, i'd like to know.
    :what major i should take. I'm good with science,math,computers,and art. those are probably the only class i get A's in, and P.E.
    :what requirement class i should take year 1,2,3,4 in addition to the class for my major. and what other class should i take that isn't a requirement?
    :when should i start studying for mcat and other tests that i will have to take?
    :I still havn't picked my specialty yet, but i'd like to be a surgeon. either that or i'll head the dentistry direction. oh, and if i can't get in medical school, will i be able to apply for school of dental medicine with the same requirement as medical school?
    :i'd also like to know your experience in college. specifically the "i wish i had done * before i start class"
    will 4 year university, such as UCLA look at my highschool transcript if i get somewhere close to 4.0 during my years at community college?
    :i kinda slacked during the 2nd and 3rd year of highschool, but i did get A's in science and math, since they were the only subject i find interesting.
    :any books i should read throughout summer to help me prepare?
    thank you,
    Hopefully not only I will benefit from your answer.


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      1) Major in something that's interesting to you. This is how you can have the greatest chance of success in terms of grades. You DON'T have to major in the sciences.

      2) Take whatever you need to to complete your major. If you have extra room, then take classes that interest you. Make sure you don't take overloaded schedules. Take only as much as you're comfortable doing. It would be better to take 14 hours/semester with a 3.9 than 20 hours/semester with a 3.0.

      3) I think most people begin serious studying for the MCAT a few months before the tests. This of course varies.

      4) I think the requirements for medicine and dentistry are very similar. Dental school requires the DAT instead of the MCAT. I think if you cover your pre-med classes, though, you should be good to go.

      5) I'll leave someone else to answer this.

      6) I think doing well in CC is an absolute must if you want to keep your options open. If you do well, I don't there will be a big negative impact on your application. Keep in mind that CC has a stigma that it's easier (and I think most people would agree with this). Getting a 3.5 at a CC isn't an amazing feat.

      7) Relax for the summer and get ready to work. I'll let someone else answer this as well.
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