Help re epilepsy fellowships

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Jul 3, 2015
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Hi all,

Two questions/points of discussion

1. Starting in year 2017 the ABPN will only allow fellows graduating from ACGME accredited epilepsy fellowship to sit for the board exam, whereas now neurophys fellows can also sit for the exam. I plan on a career that is mostly epilepsy with outpatient focus and working at an EMU, definitely not a high power academic career. Faculty at my program says that it should be okay to not have the board certificate for a non-academic career, aka taking a spot in a neurophys fellowship with more EEG than EMG training would be okay. What do you folks think?

2. I've emailed a few programs, but only have gotten generic responses back and no specific details regarding training curriculum/schedule and structure of inpatient rotations. Anyone with information regarding these specific programs, please share. Specifically I am looking for more inpatient focused vs outpatient focused, EMU is resident run or fellow run (first call), work life balance.

- Stanford
- UC Davis
- UC irvine


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