help? retake in august?

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Jun 22, 2002
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Hey guys,

I'm relatively new here, but it's glad to see that there are many of us in similar situations. I was wondering if you guys could give me your opinion on my situation.

I've taken the MCAT twice. In April '01 I got a 7/10/R/9, and then in April '02 I got a 9/11/R/8. I still haven't completely broken the double-digits barrier, but my advisor says that she's never heard of it, so I don't know... Anyway, I'm prepping my AMCAS to be out in the next few weeks, and I'm debating whether to retake the August MCAT.

I guess overall, I'm happy with my new scores, since I managed to raise verbal by 2... I'm worried about bio dropping a notch though; there shouldn't have been a reason for it, but you guys know the things that can happen. The other thing is, if you take the best from each section, I'll have a 29; if not, a 28.

My advisor's gone over my entire app, and keeps telling me that I'm an excellent applicant otherwise. I've got tons of experience, yadda yadda yadda... She won't tell me one way or the other about whether to retake it in August, though.

Since I've taken them both in April during the fury of exams/classes, I'm certain that I can do better. What my advisor pointed out, though, was that if I retake it Aug and, say, do worse in verbal or physical sci, it might look even weirder. I'm tempted to apply as-is, but I'm just hesitant because august is the last time to retake before they change the test (slightly) as you prolly know.

-If higher score, it will help (DUH)

-This would be my 3rd time taking it (though my advisor also says it's not necessarily a bad thing)
-My app will be delayed til the August scores are received (of course, if something happens in Aug, then I'll be in double trouble with scores that haven't gone up AND a late app...)

1) Should I retake it August?
2) Any recommendations for schools to apply to? I hear Columbia takes the best scores of each section, not the best sitting...any other schools like that?

Thanks, everyone! Sorry for the long message! If anything, typing this has helped me to sort out things in my mind!!! =)

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Mar 13, 2002
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you don't need to retake. a 28R with an early application is more advantageous than a 30 re-take in august with a late application in oct/nov.

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Jan 29, 2002
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I don't think you should retake it, but your score could prevent you from getting into the top schools.

So, with that in mind, it's important for you to apply to schools that have stat averages similar to yours. You should pick up a copy of the MSAR if you don't already have one.

Some schools to consider (I don't know where you're from though): Albany, Finch/Chicago Med. SLU, Creighton, Vermont, NYMC, MCP Hahnemann (Drexel), and GWU

Only apply to state schools if they accept a lot of out of state applicants

Also apply to a few reach school b/c you never know!

Good luck!

I applied with a 27 (9,9,9) and it all worked out :) It's great that you're applying early too!

Please PM me if you have any questions!