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Help! Scripps college.


Full Member
10+ Year Member
Feb 23, 2007
  1. Pre-Medical
Hello, I want to apply for Scripps post bac this coming fall for next May (2008).
Could any one help my gauge the sticks?
My gpa is 3.755 right now at ucla with a social science major.
I am unlikely to bomb my grades next quarter. It might even get booted up to d 3.81
I bombed the SAT in high school, but i can the GRE for Scripps in the Sep.
I am going to China in August to study for the GRE while working for a NGO that works to curb the spread of HIV in China, and help care for AIDS orphans in China... They do some truly great work on zero budget.
In college, i have done funraising for AIDS projects, worked to ESPN on serveral occasions, did PR intership (hate it), started a cooking club.. and mostly hung out.. oh i've also worked at an acupuncture clinic the 1st two years of college.
I don't know how competitive it is... so this is pretty much all the stuff i've done.
This uncertainty without even an average admission profile is scaring me.
They only take 15 people or something a year.
I really only want to Scripps because i like their program, i've heard very good things about it, my professors suggested it, and it is close to my house so i can live and eat at home, i also like claremont, not more than west LA though.
so..... please help sooth my uncertainty a bit
does anyone go to Scripps right now or have gone throug the program?
what do u guys thing about it?
thank u sooo much..
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