May 11, 2012
Resident [Any Field]
I have been working on something to help my own practice deal with cancellation and wanted to share with people on this list to see if anyone would be interested in using it.

The service is called SchedFull. It allows people to maintain a wait list and then use SMS and email to notify people on the wait list of a new availability. You can use our service to keep track of peoples preferences and then send them notifications through the site. We do the hard work of figuring our whose preferences fit with the new availability. It is free for the time being and would love to hear your feedback and if you are interested.There was an article with the link below showing how the lead time to see doctors is very high.

I think this can also be used for scheduling OR cases. Any down time particualry, OR down time can lead to loss in revenues. Such a service, we have found patients like because it makes them feel like we are attuned to their needs and concerns.

You can find out more about us at The service is free for the time being. Please feel free to sigh up and let me know what you think