Jun 28, 2011
Hey guys!

I did destroyer OC the first time around and struggled with it like most everyone else. After the first time, I made a sheet over everything I got wrong and now I am going through it the second time but I feel like I'm struggling all the same :( I have a solid foundation in ochem 1 and 2 (made A's in both) and used Chad's but I just can't seem to get ochem down!

I'm freaking out now because I'm taking the test for the second time in 3 weeks!!:eek::scared:

Can anyone provide me with help or guidance on how I can do better?

Thanks in advanced!


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Jun 28, 2008
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all I can tell you is you just gotta push your self little bit more.
Go through Destroyer one time, second time, and by the third time, you will master it.
Apr 7, 2012
I would also suggest to go to the basics. Go through your old notes and the or go textbook just to brush up on some of those concepts you got wrong. Just to be sure you are not missing anything. This will not take you a long time. I am sure you will quickly realize where you went wrong. Good luck.