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I've taken the SAT I once. My math score was 490 w/o studying. I'd like to score much higher this time. In any event, what EXACTLY should I do? I'm registered to take the June 5 2010 SAT I.

Essentially, I'm asking those of you who've scored in this range to help me develop a study plan. What should I do first? How many self-proctored BB tests should I take? What EXACTLY should I be working on in Gruber's...?

Thanks in advance!

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Math is the easiest section in my opinon to bring up your score. 490 is not that great, but it can be greatly improved from now til your test date. Just do the practice problems, that is key. You should actually first try to improve your math and then take some full length exams. For now, just do practice sections on math, see what you are getting right/ wrong. Learn why you are getting them wrong...on the SATs, there are always a few problems that are basically the same all the time with numbers changed around, or they ask you to do something specific that is usually always done the same. Identify those.

BB was very useful to me. But in regards to math, see where you are having the most trouble (algebra? geometry?) and then read up on those sections. I didnt score where you are, but i was able to get from my first testing of ~640ish to like a 720 or 730.
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