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Help with school list



    Hello, I'm applying to MSTP programs for the 2018 cycle, and would really appreciate a look-over on my school list. I'm a bit worried it may be too reach-heavy. Female not URM.

    School: small liberal arts college (relatively unknown except for in-state)
    GPA: 3.90, ~3.85 sGPA
    MCAT: 521 (131/129/130/131)
    Research: 3 years at home institution working with the same professor in invasive and behavioral ecology (I realize this is unorthodox). Includes 3 oral presentations (2 at home institution, 1 regional conference) and a first author publication in a mid-tier ecology journal.
    1 summer at Ivy league HHMI professor lab studying vascular genetics. Mid level author on resulting publication in upper-tier journal
    1 summer at top REU program in very famous cancer laboratory... was invited back for this summer so total 2 summers here. First-authorship on non-research publication in a PloS journal. i.e. the "10 simple rules" series.
    Shadowing: ~60 hours (orthopaedic oncologist, hematologist oncologist, and geneticist)
    Clinical Volunteering: ~30 hours local hospital, ~12 hours local Planned Parenthood
    Non clinical Volunteering: miscellaneous through university. Also 3 months (spread over three years) as a coach/mentor for underprivileged high school athletes. total well over 300 hours

    Current school list:
    University of Colorado
    University of Wisconsin
    Stony Brook
    Medical College of Wisconsin
    Baylor College of Medicine
    University of Washington
    Weill Cornell Medicine/ Tri-I
    University of Chicago - Pritzker
    University of Michigan
    Stanford University
    Johns Hopkins
    University of Pennsylvania
    Washington University St Louis
    Case Western Reserve University

    Much obliged
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