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Help with the Personal Statement!!

Discussion in 'Pre-Dental' started by mshellyu, May 7, 2008.

  1. mshellyu

    mshellyu 7+ Year Member

    Mar 13, 2008

    I'm new to this forum thing. I've just kinda been reading around, but never posted.

    But anyways, I'm applying this month and I would really appreciate some help on my personal statement.

    I'm at this really awkward stage with my statement where I don't know where I'm going with it. Not sure if the organization is right...or if I'm talking about too much.

    Also, do I need to mention why I would be a good dentist or can I just talk about why I want to be a dentist, because i used my 4500 characters just talking about why I want to be a dentist, and I have no room to really talk about why I would be a good dentist. I mean, all you would say is probably i've had experience doing this and that...but won't they see that in your application anyways??

    So if anyone is willing to help me i'd be happy to send it to them. Thanks a lot!
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  3. AdaAda87

    AdaAda87 2+ Year Member

    Apr 10, 2008
    Yeah, send it to me and i'll give you some feedback!
  4. seaweed719

    seaweed719 2+ Year Member

    Apr 21, 2008
    Bay Area
    I can give you feedback too if you want!
  5. DrReo

    DrReo "Thread Necromancer" 10+ Year Member

    Jun 29, 2007
    same here :luck:

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