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    I am currently deciding between DO progrmas (PCOM/NYCOM/UMDNJCOM) and St. Georges. I really can't decide which path is better. They both get you to the same place, practicing medicine.

    My other question is if DO's compete for the same residencies after graduation are they competing with IMG's or are they given priority over foreign medical grads even thought they are DO's.
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    DO's have their own residency programs. They can also go into Allopathic programs. (You probably know this already). I was in a similar position as you are. I had the opportunity to go to Ross University or wait until I was older to get into a US school. Funny how it works, I was watching a movie called "Playing God" right before I had to decide to go or not, and they made fun of IMG's this turned me away from it. I also had to consider that I wanted to do surgery, and the odds are that being an American Grad would give me that better chance. The following year, I re-applied to MD and DO schools. I was accepted to 1 MD school and 1 DO school, the rest is history. I think that the stigma of IMG's is stupid and so is the argument that DO's are not as competent as MD's. Do what you think is best, in the end it will be the right choice. I think the main problem with IMG's getting residencies is that fact that the Federal government keeps cutting spending to these programs through medicare. (Balanced Budget Act of 1997, et al.)
    Good Luck to you
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  3. "I am currently deciding between DO progrmas (PCOM/NYCOM/UMDNJCOM) and St. Georges. I really can't decide which path is better."
    DO/MBA had a good point although I know several graduates from St. George 2 of which are at NIH doing research. So I can't really say anything negative about FMG's on their behalf. However it is easier to obtain residency spots and to pass the USMLE in a US school. You must consider the long-term consequences in applying. 2 students I know had to go back to medical school in the US b/c their foreign program closed.

    Good luck in your quest. Apply to about 10-12 schools it will increase your chance of acceptance.
    Good luck
    :) Diane

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