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Mar 10, 2010
Hi everyone!

First of all, I'm sorry if this post is not in the right place as I am a new member to this site ^_^" Most of the time, I just lurk and I find answers to my questions, but I guess I wanted confirmation on my current question.

I have recently been accepted to one of my top choices for pharmacy school and was asked to submit a non-refundable deposit. However, I still have interviews to other top school choices, and I'd like to still see if I can get in. My main question is, can I submit deposits to multiple schools? (i.e. if I was accepted to schools A and B, could I submit deposits to both schools) I was pretty sure I could but then I read a really old thread that talked about changes to PharmCas or something like that that would allow schools to see such deposits? I am not sure if this is valid but any advice/response would be greatly appreciated, thanks!:)


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Apr 21, 2009
I'm pretty sure you can submit a deposit to the school that you're accepted to now.. and then withdraw if you get a second acceptance to a school you liked better.

After that though, it would just be courteous to both the school and the rest of the applicants for you to withdraw as soon as you decide.

Personally, I don't think it's very fair for you to submit multiple deposits (& i dunno why you would want to waste the money) to many schools and not withdraw until much later. That would just be stringing the applicants who really really want to attend along for no reason.
Sep 27, 2010
Pharmacy Student
You can submit as many deposits as you want but will forfeit the money to the schools you choose not to attend. Some schools allow a partial refund of the deposit if you withdraw your application.