Oct 5, 2017
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So I need some help with this. My thoughts are that this case leads to Antiphospholipid antibody syndrome. But I'm not familiar with this syndrome, and I'm not sure that it fits the entire profile.

"A 75 year old nursing home resident was taken to an emergency room for a possible arm fracture following a fall. This patient has been diagnosed with progressive mental decline and has experienced weakness for the past several months and has experiences several falls over the past two weeks. A physical exam revealed the patient had a fever of 101F, pupils were reactive to light, and has swelling of the right wrist and forearm and has lower extremity edema. The hands and feet had bony deformities consistent with arthritis.
No history of bleeding or clotting disorders, the only medication used was acetominophen for pain as necessary.
Test results:
Platelet count 185 x^9/L blood (RR 145-400x10^9), hemoglobin was 7.8 g/dL (RR=14-18 g/dL), WBC count 3.8x10^3/microliter blood (RR 3-9 x10^3), peripheral blood smear showed normal WBC, RBS and PLT morphologies
PT 14.6 sec (RR12.6-14.4 sec), PTT 105 sec (RR 29-36 sec), PTT (1:1 mixing study) 96 sec (RR N/A)"

Does anyone have any hints or ideas about this? I feel like the fever, anemia, and photosensitivity don't really fit. But like I said I'm not familiar with this syndrome.
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