Nov 10, 2016
We provide the best live & online courses for USMLE Step 1, Step 2 and Step 3. We have both Group and one-on-one sessions as per your needs. We will provide you with high yield notes, will practice around 2000 questions so that you can easily deal with the exam. Our group sessions offer more than 120 hours of comprehensive coaching. We have 30 day and 60 day sessions which give you enough time for self-study. Teaching will be provided by our expert tutors. Teaching will be through Gotomeeting so you can join us even if you are outside United States. Join us now for free trial session. For FEES and complete STUDY SCHEDULE please contact us. Follow the below link to see our huge list of testimonials:

Dr. Divesh
Whatsapp: +17736687048
Skype: divesh04
Email: [email protected]
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