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Hmmm...is it a bad idea...


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Jan 8, 2004
New York
    to ask a professor you had for a one semester summer course for a recommendation? I have several recommendations, but only one of them is from a Sci professor. From what I read, I might need to have two. I have already graduated but won't be applying for med school until next summer. I can't imagine asking one of my prior sci professors for a rec, so should I consider taking a course over the summer and getting a rec from them? (Because I work full-time and will be taking the MCAT in April, I don't intend to take any courses during the Spring semester)


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    Jul 14, 2004
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      I asked a prof who i had only had for 1 semester for a letter, he said he wasn't comfortable writing letters unless he's had me for a full year - so I took another class from him, and he wrote me a really good one. Never hurts to ask, in my opinion - so go for it.


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      Aug 10, 2005
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        Ask him. One of my sci prof I had for only one semester was more than happy to write the letter, but another told me he didn't know enough about me (even though I b.s. his head off for an entire year)
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        Sep 21, 2005
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          Yeah, I'd ask. I asked a prof I had over the summer for orgo and he said he'd love to. I think many profs from courses like this know why you're there, and they're used to being asked.
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