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I think I've heard something like this, either directly in a letter I received from a school, or indirectly through these forums.

Which school was it that said this to you? Have they already begun interviewing applicants, at least according to the "Official SDN thread?"

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My friend had this happen last year. She was on hold for 10 weeks (at VCU/MCV), then got interviewed, waitlisted and finally accepted.

It just means you haven't been rejected, but you aren't on the top of their list so they will interview you later in the process. My firend did have to contact them after 10 weeks to ask if they were going to interview her. They happen to have a cancelation that week so they put her in that spot.

So it really isn't unusal to be put on hold for an interview. Hey, it's not a rejection.:) :)
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Jul 12, 2001
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George Washington was (in)famous for putting people on "hold" for an interview last year. And then that was the last you'd hear from them.

dr kevin40

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Jun 21, 2002
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at most schools tho, hold for interview means you most likely won't get the interview =(

there was a topic bout this. u guys should stop posting so many repeat topics and actually take the time to read what others wrote.
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