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Feb 24, 2004
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so i am going to to get a physician home loan. they require proof that i have deferred payments. however, my lender has my graduation date as 2009 not 2008 -- supposedly the clearing house that sends the info from my school to the lender always sends the date as one year in the future, just in case someone doesn't graduate.
they won't change the date until i do graduate. i can't apply for economic hardship deferment until then. however, my lender states that i have in school deferment until 2009
do you think getting just a letter saying that i have in school deferment? do you think that will fly?

any suggestions?



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Apr 24, 2002
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You need a letter stating your loans will not need to be paid for the next year. The lender should provide you with one if the clearinghouse has your graduation in 2009. But I'm not sure if that will fly.
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