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Jan 3, 2016
Hello everyone,

I am a psychology major at my school, currently taking learning theory and am running into some trouble with an assignment. If anyone would comment on this it would be greatly appreciated!!! I will explain the prompt below:

So the assignment is to make a story and identify the UCS, UCR, CS, and CR.

Here is my story and what I thought each term represents, can you tell me if I am correct or incorrect and your suggestions? Thank you

Growing up, basketball was my favorite sport. I would spend hours practicing every day to be the best I could be. But, when I reached middle school and started playing for my school team, I was severely bullied. Girls on the team would make fun of me, tell me I was too short, awkward, and even call me names because of my buck teeth. As a result, I felt stress and anxiety every time I had to be around them at basketball practice or basketball games and the sport became not enjoyable. I eventually quit it altogether and it took almost 4 years to resume playing again. Nonetheless, every time I play basketball now, I always feel a little stress and anxiety.

Ok so I said:

UCS: bullying
UCR: feelings of stress and anxiety
CS: basketball
CR: feelings of stress and anxiety
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