Hospice and palliative medicine job prospects 2024

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Nov 15, 2011
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Just curious as to the job search this year and what it has been like for folks? Any thoughts on training at a smaller community hospital and finding a job after fellowship in major city/metro area?

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I am not actively looking for a new job, but I always keep my eye on the market to stay honest.
Anyway, it appears the market might have opened up a bit [compared to a couple of years ago when regions were very hit-or-miss with openings]. If you keep your search efforts frequent, there are often postings on each coast (and everywhere in-between).

If you are coming from a smaller community hospital, good news -- you will have a shot. Apply with a thoughtful application and you'll be considered. We are not a field that drools for pedigree.
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Everyone I know of from two fellowships got a job except one. And they had much bigger problems than where they trained.

Even for that person it’s not totally clear to me that they couldn’t get a job vs they couldn’t get their **** together to apply for one
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