Hospital Pharmacists: What is your weekly schedule?

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Since there is a thread for the retail people, let's get one going for hospital staff pharmacists.

Our schedule is a 2 week pay-period schedule. For me it goes like this:

Week 1 - Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday (3pm-11pm), Saturday
Week 2 - Sunday, Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Friday

I wanna ask my boss if I can have my schedule changed so that on Week 2 I work the Thursday instead of the Friday, thus getting a 3 day weekend at the end of each pay period.

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I work mostly in outpatient and ambulatory care. I mostly work M-F (9-5:30). I have a few 8am, 10am, and 1:30 shifts sprinkled in there as well.
I only worked 2 weekend days in 2013, which is nice because I can pickup extra shifts in my retail job. IMO, outpatient hospital pharmacy is one of the best places to work.
Cool. Just be prepared for the skin crawl effect when he reminds you of the favor he did you in doing his job if he obliges. :rofl: Don't forget to say "thank you Dr. Putz!" :bow:
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7:30-4 M-F. I work on average every 3rd weekend, and when I work the weekend I get a random day off in the week before and the week after that weekend. Weekends can be any shift. Also, if another shift needs coverage during the week, they can put me there too, since they are now using me as a floater to cover what needs to be covered.
Usually Monday - Friday 7-3:30 or 8-4:30.

I have no set weekend schedule but when I work weekends I have the Thursday before and the Tuesday after off.
Mine is pretty variable. Four 10-hour shifts week, evenly split between clinical and staffing (usually). When I'm clinical, it's 0700-1730, when I'm staffing it can be AM or evening (1100-2100). I cover every 4th weekend.
I currently work 7 on/7 off night shifts. I start Wednesday at 7pm. I work until 7:30am. On the weekend I do a shorter shift (11pm-7:30am). I finish up my week the following Wednesday morning.

When I worked day shift we did 10 hour shifts/4 days a week. Everyone rotated shifts. Depending on your assigned duties that day you could work 5am-3:30pm, 7am-5:30pm, 8:30am-7pm, or 11-9:30pm. That mid day shift was annoying.
used to be 9a to 9 p - three days in a row - then four off

now a mix of 7-3:30 and 1-9:30- every fourth weekend
7a-3:30p Monday-Friday, on rounds every 3rd week
7a-4:30p Sat & Sun (every 4th weekend with Fri/Mon off)
We are not 24/7 and I take call 79 hours/month.