Aug 31, 2017
So I'm applying to Waterloo as my first choice. This school has an OAT score of 370 avg (last year), my score is AA350, TS360. To make matters more difficult, I'm an older student who did poorly on his first degree (avg ~70%), worked in ophthalmology for 6 years, and did much better second time around (current avg is about 95% but after fall and winter classes are over may be around 90%). I also have some good references.

I guess my first question is, how competitive am I? Will they be lenient about me working and going back to school? Or would they prefer a young fresh out of school graduate?

My second question is, the admission information form has boxes for me to explain my situation. It's quite awkward due to how the form is broken down, but basically I answered why I feel my transcript didn't fully reflect me, why I didn't take full course load all years, and with the extra space box I tied in my OAT with the fact that I didn't take organic chem, physics 2, or statistics yet. I feel like I'm answering these questions wrong and would like it if someone could maybe have a look at it.

My last question is, with my current situation, how am I for Waterloo as well as American schools? I was eyeing Michigan (nearest to me), Ohio (nearish and cheap), Alabama (cheap), and Marshall B Ketchum (expensive but I have relatives here). Do American Schools scrutinize my grades/OAT more? How does my older/poorer degree influence the process? Do transfer credits mess with your current degree's GPA?

I guess I'm just feeling flustered and worried, especially because my past grades were so bad, yet my current grades are so good. My OAT score is okay but it's as high as it should be for Waterloo and I'm really worried about it. I want to use my experience, references, and new school grades to offset my OAT for Waterloo, but I'm worried about how they'll look at my school grades.
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