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Aug 6, 2016
Year in school: rising senior applying next cycle

Major: Neuroscience with biomedical research minor @ top 5 public university

Cumulative GPA: 3.908

Science GPA: 3.906

MCAT Scores: taking the MCAT September 9, getting around 75% on EK FLs, I have also taken TPR FL's 1-4 and scored 501, 496, 502, 509 for 1-4, respectively

clinical research position doing cognitive testing directly with schizophrenic patients and data entry for 200 hours, 6 hr/week for 36 weeks

research studying plasticity in the visual cortex of mice for 400 hours, roughly 10 hr/week for 45 weeks so far (not including my senior year to come) and have presented a poster and will be on 2 publications in my lab as third author

I receive “pass/no pass” units for this work every quarter, and they are a part of my major and biomedical research minor requirements

Volunteering (clinical): 100 hours of patient escort volunteering at hospital

Physician shadowing: 20 hours of shadowing a neurologist so far, and continuing to do so the rest of this summer

Non-clinical volunteering:
Community service a cappella group performances at nursing homes, veterans’ homes, women’s shelters, and hospitals (160 hours and continuing through senior year)

2) Los Angeles Team Mentoring for middle school students (60 hours during freshman year)

3) Alumni Scholars Club Marketing Coordinator and Alumni Relations Coordinator (60 hours during my freshman and sophomore year)

Extracurricular activities: community service a cappella group rehearsals (405 hours and continuing – 5 hours of rehearsal/week for 27 weeks of each year) I will be this years music director and have also been membership development leader in the past

Hobbies: hiking, running/training for races, intramural soccer, piano and singing

Employment history: part-time summer jobs at Nekter Juice bar and Clinqa Coroporations Chemistry Technician

If there is any other information I can provide that would be helpful, I'd be happy to add it.