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May 5, 2003
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hey guys i want to raise my gpa just a bit around 3.5 would be nice. i was wondering from a 3.0 would a post-bac or masters be the best route. i know dent schools see a new gpa going the masters route but what about the post bac way. does your last 60 undergrad class gpa combine with your new post bac gpa or do you get a total diff gpa on the transcripts just by the post bac route?? example with a 3.0 undergrad gpa and a 4.0 gpa under post bac classes how do the dental schools compute the new gpa? :idea:


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Apr 4, 2004
Toronto, Canada
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I was just wated to add onto this question, with another question, instead of creating a whole new thread....

I was looking into some schools to apply to during the next cycle and noticed that dental schools favour consistent grade improvement. How many terms (semesters) would look like a "positive trend"?

Any thoughts?
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