Jun 28, 2017
My DAT is coming up in within the week and I was wondering how I should tackle the 2009 DAT. I did not order the official one from ADA, I plan on using the one that can be found online.

To my understanding, the pdf version of the 2009 DAT has many errors, but a list of those errors was posted somewhere on these forums. Should I be taking the 2009 DAT without consulting the list of errors beforehand, or only when I complete the entire test? Because it looks like the list of "errors" just end up giving us the answer because the answer isn't listed in the choices presented.

How should I count the errors when calculating my score? How did people who used the practice test as a resource approach this issue? Also, I see that some people only take the SNS section of the 2009 DAT, are the other sections worth it?
Jun 19, 2017
Hey there! I took the entire entire 2009 exam but the QR section was definitely not worth it. If you're pressed for time before your exam, I wouldn't recommend taking the PAT or RC either. The PAT was a little easier than the one on the actual exam, I think. I was a little frustrated that there were no explanations for 2009, and there was no way to score myself either. You could just do SNS if you want to save a bit more time for review!

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