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Nov 7, 2008
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Soooo...just wondering I am an MS1 and considering derm.
Honestly what is appealing is the lifestyle. Lifestyle is a huge determining factor in addition to happiness. How do you know if you like it?

For example, I like cardiology but I am not sure that i will like it waking up on call at 3AM a few nights a week during residency...how do you know that you will happy with dermatology? I mean in school i see disturbing pictures of skin abnormalities..and that does not sound appealing...does that appeal you guys? or is it something else. What I like about derm is that you get to talk to patients, figure out problems, and have a nice lifestyle and room to do other things in life and be with kids and family. I believe that will make me happy more than my work (I Hope lol). So how do you know derm is the field for you?


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Nov 29, 2007
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It is good that you are thinking ahead. Dermatology is the best specialty--hands down. I am not a dermatologist but know quite a few--they are all happy. That being said, you do need to keep an open mind to other specialties. There are other great specialties out there.
In terms of not liking some of the skin diseases, I don't know how to comment. Are you talking about psoriasis/BCE/melanoma--b/c if that bothers you, you will have trouble dealing with dermatology. Or are you talking about STDs and other things that every doctor finds unappealing.
That is my 2 cents. The people who are in dermatology can give you a better idea about the residency, etc. It is a great specialty. Try to get early experience, b/c it is a tight-knit group. That will also give you a better idea if you would like the profession. Keep your grades up. Good luck.
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