Aug 17, 2015
Hey guys, I'm studying Dat Destroyer right now (math, gchem, ochem and bio) and I'm wondering how different the questions are compared to actual DAT.
Let's say for bio, I find the questions to be very straight-forward in Destroyer but is this the same case for DAT?


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Jul 6, 2015
The questions on the dat for bio are on a significantly easier level than destroyer. For bio they throw straight forward questions, but they can just about ask you anything which makes it difficult. Gc and oc are easier than destroyer though and super strsight forward. You should still complete destroyer twice for every section though because it boosts your conceptual skills!
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Jun 9, 2015
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My opinion on Destroyer vs actual DAT, as far as difficulty: You will see all very similar, though more straight-forward questions on the actual DAT. But, you should definitely know Destroyer very well because any component of any of the questions will show up on DAT. For example, they had a really terrific question for kinetics where you compare the rates from a table, and THEN they ask you to predict how quickly this reaction will proceed, given what you know, with new concentrations that do not show up in the table. Even though you will NEVER be asked on DAT to do what is in essence a 5-part problem in Destroyer, any 1 component OF that question could show up--and because you know how to do that 1 problem from Destroyer, you will know how to do any 5 questions that could potentially be asked on DAT--this is why it's an extremely challenging, but effective (and in my opinion, ESSENTIAL) tool.