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Oct 18, 2003
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I worked for about a year in a basic science lab in med school and got an abstract published at a national conference (which was phenomenal).
While running a few searches online I found that the other project that I was involved with has gone to press and was published earlier this year in a fairly well-respected peer-reviewed journal.
I think I missed the boat on this one and should have more aggressively followed up on the status of the project while on my clinicals.
What I am curious about is if I should reference the paper as a product of work in the lab (on a CV or application), not as a personal publication, but since the PI mentioned my contributions to the ongoing project in my LOR.
I'm thinking that doing so would seem like I'm claiming it as mine, but that really isn't the goal.
Any advice on this?


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May 24, 2006
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It goes under research experience, not publications or presentations.

Unfortunately, research experience as a research assistant is not that valuable unless it's the only thing on there.