how do you get intouch w/ NOVA?


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Mar 2, 2006
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nova doesnt answer emails, phone calls...?
how do you know what your statues is?
are they done interviewing?

I was never able to talk to anyone there either. I got an email asking for payment, sent it in, and was rejected a few days later. They are definitely the school ranked numero uno on my sh!t list. Kentucky follows a close second for their religious profiling.
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Sep 11, 2006
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lol, you don't contact Nova. I was lucky one day and got a call through. I talked to someone to acknowledge my interview invite. The thing is, I wanted to change the date to a later one. They looked it up for me, and gave me one in January (my original was in November). Next thing I know, during the week after 12/1 I get a letter from Nova saying I was a no-show back in November and that they were dropping me. If I had been counting on that school, I would have been screwed.
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