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Oct 11, 2000
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Hi all...being a DO, I have to do 6 months of rotating internship before I begin surgery for good. I found out early that I LOVE the hospital and I don't love office. So, I spent last month doing outpatient peds and this month doing OB/GYN - with not very many deliveries. My mood has been reflecting my lack of interest in stuff for a while now...but, it's getting to the point where I can barely drag myself out of bed and if I didn'thave loans, it would seriously be on my mind to quit all-together (being dramatic...but, it's almost that bad!) I try and try to stay positive...but I HATE this rotation. Actually, I love OB/GYN, I just hate THIS particular roation in this particular office. It's boring and the docs don't talk to me or each other - so no one knows what's going on. I've stopped reading for the most part...simply lost motivation for everything medical.

Does anyone else get in this kind of a funk when you are doing things you really don't enjoy (or working with people you don't enjoy)??

I have IM next month with our hospitalist, so I will get to do lots of procedures and stuff. It will kick my butt....but, I am looking so forward to it.

So, how do you guys keep from going into severe depression when you are on rotations that literally make you sick because 1)the attending doesn't care if you are there or not so doesn't include you or inform you of anything 2)the clinic is so slow and there really is only so much reading you can do in one day or 3)the nurses keep telling the patient "there is a student here - can she come see you" (instead of saying we have an intern/resident here) or 4)the nurses simply forget to ask the patient if they mind if a resident does their goes on and on.

It seems I function better when I am being made to run around like crazy! Anyway, if anyone has any little mood-enhancing tricks...and, no, I am not above recreational drugs at this point(!haha!)...I'd appreciate hearing how you made it thru 31 days of boredom.


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Nov 13, 2002
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The same way you made it through the first year of medical school...

Just do what you have to do.

One trick I learned as an intern is to remind yourself that you only have to tolerate this rotation for one month. The people you are working with have to do it for the rest of their careers!

That always cheered me up.
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