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Mar 7, 2003
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I'm looking for schedule structure ideas.

Our group currently works 9s, split into 7 shifts, late evening double coverage (6p-3a) with the 10-7 night shift single covered until the 6 am guy arrives. 31 true overnights and 31 late evening shifts per month split amongst 14 docs. 65K volume high acuity ED. Our pattern is presently random with no circadian structure - lots of night-day flipping.

We are interested in implementing a new schedule design. The idea I like the best at present is 7 shifts split amongst the 14 docs, 2 docs split each shift each month such that you work the same shift 15 or 16 times in one month. This could be a lot better if we can find 2 nocturnists.

We are more interested in regularity and wellness than flexibility. What a geriatric statement that is.

Do any of you have a schedule pattern that you really like?