How does one exactly study for the mcat?

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Mar 22, 2021
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Hello everyone,

I am planning on taking the mcat in the summer of 2024. The issue is that I would say my content gaps are fairly large and I was wondering how exactly do I rectify that. Do I work through the Kaplan Books and repeat/rinse the practice quizzes at the start of the chapter or do I make anki cards for all of the terms in there. For Orgo/Physics/Biochem, do I do the same? The problem is that there is SOOOO much information in each every chapter and I can't exactly use anki to learn Physics/Biochem. Should I just memorize the equations for physics instead? For psych/soc should I use sparrow's deck or make my own or another deck, I feel like that psych/soc is more memory dependent which is easier for me. Alternatively, is CARS just something that you just grind and get better at with time trying out different strategies. Sorry if this is horribly written as well, I am just very lost lmao


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You can read my post on how I studied. It’s in my signature
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