how hard is deferring?

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    Howdy allopaths (cool, i'll be able to post here next year as a "regular" :D )

    I just read up on some recent posts around here that some people have deferred admissions for a year to do various things. Someone, cant remember who, along the line of my application process told me that deferring from med school for a year is frowned upon/difficult to do at many schools (i have no idea if this person knows what they're talking about). I was just wondering how difficult from your own experiences it is to get a one year backburner for matriculation. Basically my deal is I could do something relatively well paying and really fun in a public health internship for a year and cut into undergrad and grad school debt a little before med school starts.

    I know, it "depends on the school", but i'd like to hear stories anyways. Just a little background on what we might be talking about, I've just been conditionally accepted to USUHS, and i've had or will have a slew of interviews at east coast privates in philly, dc, and nyc, and some "top tier" interviews at cornell, northwestern, wash u, u pitt, etc.

    thanks in advance guys :)

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