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Oct 20, 2015
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I have read all the cautionary warning on this Forum about scammers. I can tell you I am not one.

You not knowing me is a hurdle I hope to soon put behind us. Having said that, I would vary much like to be in your corner with respect to reputation management.

You can go to any doctors website and then look them up on Yelp, or any other of the countless sites out there that patients, and customers place their complaints on. You will see that there are so many of these complaints that hurt your reputation are either not addressed by the Doctor, or staff, or are addressed but weeks even mont's late.

The way to handle a complaint is obviously before it damages your reputation, before countless people see that bad unanswered review. Most people will just pass on a Doctor with a bad review or two on his Yelp page. If you think I am just trying to scare you when I say that, ask yourself this "What would you do if you should see a bad review on the Doctors Yelp page?" Pass it by...

So far I have only talked about the business pages. What about the rest of the WWW? What I am about to show you will let you know within minutes of somebody talking about you or your brand, anywhere on the web. "World Wide"

I have the answer, it's simple, and extremely effective. Please check this link out

Please make a note of the link above, I am a reseller for this company, and I only make a commission when people use my link. So, having said that, this is as simple as it get's when it comes to Reputation Management.

Thanks for your time.