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Jun 28, 2006
i'm in the process of getting my 2007 application ready. But since i'm not in the same city as my University, I can't get LOR's from my professors. So, I was wondering if you can apply and send in applications without LORs and still be considered (ie. be offered an interview). There are schools who consider without OAT, so I was hoping you guys would know whether or not it's the same for LORs. I just don't want to miss out on rolling admissions (I plan on submitting my LORs - all based on how soon my profs can write them - by mid October - would this be too late???)
I'm considering Berkeley (which I know isn't rolling, so not a problem), SCCO, NECO, PCO, and ICO


(and for other Canadians on SDN, I was wondering how you managed to choose schools in the US - especially considering the cost of flight for each interview and are there any scholarships/bursaries offered from Canada or for international students in the US)
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