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how late is too late for CK test date in time for ERAS??

Discussion in 'Step II' started by topscorer, Jul 2, 2012.

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  1. topscorer

    topscorer 5+ Year Member

    Jun 14, 2010
    Also, how late is too late for CK

    we all know apps start 9/15 this year instead of 9/1

    from everything i learned about eras last year, it seems majority of programs dont really read apps too much for first few weeks, so you could take CK on the first of september and not really hurt too much

    but with starting 15th this year, do you guys think programs will be more rushed to start reading apps so they can interview by october

    and with score delay of august test dates coming out sept 26, do you guys think taking CK on sept 1, 4, or 8th, and hoping for third wednesday is being too optimistic and pushing it too much??
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  3. shan564

    shan564 Below the fray 10+ Year Member

    Every program is different, so if you want a reliable answer, you'd probably have to ask the programs individually.

    When I was trying to make this same decision, it came down to one big question - do I think that my score will improve significantly from an extra couple of weeks of studying? And honestly, I didn't think it would. Step 2ck isn't like Step 1, where every day of cramming facts can increase your score by a bit... this exam will test your general understanding of concepts that you learned throughout the year, which is probably why you don't see a lot of "high-yield" books/resources for Step 2. Not to say that cramming is pointless, but I didn't think that there'd be a big difference between 2 months of studying and 2.5 months of studying. FWIW, I've been hitting the Step 2 books pretty hard for the last ~6 weeks or so, and my UW average has been completely stationary.

    It's not "too optimistic" to think that your scores might come out on the third Wednesday, but it's risky. Those three weeks will be quite stressful, and if your scores don't come out on time, you might spend the rest of your life wondering if that's the reason why you didn't get an interview at your program of choice.

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