How long did you study for the OAT and what was your score?

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May 15, 2019
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I keep pushing my date because I get so busy that I don't have time to study. I finished spring quarter mid June and started summer classes right away. Now I am busy with that but I know I need to study for my OAT exam. What is your advice? I have it two months from today!

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3 weeks 12-14 hrs a day. 370/360
Definitely agree with the above advice! It’s helpful to have that test date as something to motivate you and push you to work harder in the time you’ve got. I took my test June 23rd, and my Spring quarter also ended mid-June! I started studying near the end of March-ish but didn’t take it too seriously. I started to really focus on studying for the test around the end of April/beginning of May because I started to panic, but I was still taking classes on top of studying for the OAT and whenever I had exams in my classes, I would go days without touching any OAT study material. Overall I’d say I did around 2 to 2.5 months total of studying. I ended up only getting a week and a half of solid study time between end of Spring quarter and my test date, but this time really gave me the push I needed to succeed. I honestly was so conflicted the days before my test and felt like rescheduling sooo many times, but I’m glad I didn’t chicken out. You never really feel ready, but as long as you know you’ve done the best you can, you’ll do great!!!!
I studied for 6-8 hours everyday for about 4 weeks and got a 400/380. The most helpful thing for me was to set an actual test date and work towards that (like the above advice said). I also started with a lot of content review but slowly switched gears to doing more practice problems and practice exams, which I think helped a lot.