How long do I have to wait to hear back from school?

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Jul 4, 2016
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Hi guys.

I'm waiting to hear back from school and I was wondering how long does school to review my application and contact me.

I application was submitted 10/16/16 and OAT was taken on 11/22/16.
My OAT score was received on 12/8/16.

My stats are
Chemistry major
UCLA undergraduate
Overall GPA: 3.38
Cumulative Undergraduate Science GPA: 3.05
OAT scores
-QR: 400
-RC: 270
-Bio: 320
-GC: 380
-OC: 400
-Phys: 330
=TS: 360
=AA: 350

I applied for SCCO, Midwestern, NOVA, New England, MCPHS, and Western.
I heard back and set up interview for Western and Midwestern this week.
I really want to hear back from SCCO but I haven't gotten response yet.

Can someone tell me what's my chance of getting interview and when?
Thank you!

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From what I have read, schools are pretty variable in how fast they get back to you. Some take 1-2 weeks after your application is verified to invite you to an interview, some others could take longer or put you on hold. Your GPA and OAT scores are high enough to reasonably expect an interview from most schools but I'm in the same boat as you, just waiting to hear back. Good luck!