How long does AACOMAS verification usually take?

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Nov 15, 2015
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Hi there, I am curious how long it usually takes AACOMAS to verify your submitted applications? I submitted on 5/8 and haven’t seen anything change yet. Will they notify me when they are verified?

Also, when will AACOM send your applications to schools? Is it similar to how AMCAS submits them to schools at the end of June?


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I think it's a bit quicker because most premeds will bull-rush their AMCAS applications. Historically the "first batch" comes to AACOMAS schools in mid-June, which is up to 2 weeks before the first batch is available to AMCAS schools. (Need this verified, deferring to the moderators.)

FWIW, Liaison has the transcript verification process down as a rather efficient process IMO.
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