How long will chains need immunizers???

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Jan 4, 2017
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How long will chains need immunizers?? I am currently working as immunizer only, and floating to different stores; and was told that I was needed till the end of the year, however I feel like many stores are struggling to find a retail pharmacists, let alone an immunizer? Do you think many chains will need an immunizer in the new year, given that not many retails stores will be doing as much walk-in flu shots?

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What company. What state. You are asking for pure speculation. I say Feb 1st. Don't bet on it. It could end sooner because Wags and CVS might decide 1 pharmacist can do what you add and their normal job. I figure at some point Biden will decide return on investment is low and might get pressured into doing something about that inflation. I do wonder what's the real cost of spending $$$ on people who don't want to be vaccinated.

All bets are off in another variant emerges.

PS. Please don't wait for the job to end. Leave before they kick you out.
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Ask if you can become a regular staff Rph or floater? Or keep applying for permanent positions.
As long as they are making money off of it. If they ever find its not profitable, it will be gone.