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Jul 1, 2009
I've looked and found that it is thought that AAMC reuses questions in their MCATs, but how much variation is there from one test to the next? I mean if someone takes a test on Aug 14 and then someone else takes the test on Aug 21st will it be a 100% completely different test or will the basic outline be the same for the entire season (such as 1-2 questions on Sn2 reactions, 4 questions on enzymes) but they pull the questions from a huge question bank so each individual test resembles recent tests in terms of content but the specific questions are completely different? Maybe another way to say it is will the test follow a pattern (ie 64.5 percent Bio with heavy emphasis on enzymes and 35.5? Orgo with a heavy emphasis on whatever category) each test in a given year or is it truly random from one test date to the next and you may receive a test loaded with Bio and almost no Orgo this time and a week later Orgo is 40%+ ?


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Apr 15, 2006
Each test is ENTIRELY different. My first test, I had a question about Bernoulli's Principle and an essay about optics, both my weakest. I studied off those for ages and then I never needed them again. It's a literal toss-up of 52 cards.

Jubal Early

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Jun 27, 2007
I agree with Compass. It seems that each test is VERY different regarding the topics emphasized (one test is heavy in Genetics and light on Ochem, and the next test is the exact opposite).

That being said, I would speculate that there is a large pool from which questions are drawn. Then each test would be a mixture of new questions and reused questions. This would make it very easy to catch cheaters and colluders based solely on statistical analysis of the correct/incorrect answers. I would also think that new questions would either be the majority (possibly vast majority) or at least a very significant minority of the total questions.

Again, this is just my musings and speculations...